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 The Little Bottle Of Juice bottles

The Little Bottle Of Juice

The Little Bottle of Juice is a shelf stable premium juice range that combines a variety of different fruits to produce exotic flavours to excite your juice experience.

Packed with antioxidant qualities we’ve added spirulina, green tea, wheat grass, ginger, raspberries, and lime to kick start your day.  The premium square bottle really appeals to cafes, university cafeteria’s and healthy food outlets.  With only 6 to a pack you can try a couple of different flavours to get you started.

Flavours include all Australian Orange and Fuel – Mango & Ginger.

Little Bottle of Juice fruit juices are exciting to taste and are available in 375ml bottles 6 per pack. There is a range of exciting merchandising solutions available to assist in suggestive selling and to maximise your sales potential.

The Little Bottle Of Juice Product Flyer

Available Sizes

  • - 375ml (x6) units per carton
  • -